Lavadeira Tea Towel

A tea towel representing LAVADEIRA that is a memory of life about the women who spent their days at the tanks washing clothes by hand, a daily routine in the old times.

Use these amazing tea towels in your kitchen for the common purpose of a towel, or decorate your walls and let the charm of Portugal enter your home.

You can choose this towel within two types of linen:
– Natural, 180 g/m2, with a rustic simplicity, designed to give personality to your kitchen
– White 160 g/m2, with a refined and sophisticated finish, designed to be framed as a piece of art

The photographs that come to life on these tea towels, were taken by the amazing photographer Artur Pastor.


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– Luz Editions highlights and eternalizes the meaning of being Portuguese through unique words full of essence and pictures that portray the history and heritage of the country. All the towels are in linen and handmade by Portuguese artisans.

Designer: Luz Editions
Place of creation and origin: Portugal

Material: 100% linen
Size: 47 x 70 cm

Note: We recommend that you wash this towel before using it for the first time. Each item is unique and natural variations may occur.

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Textil Color

Natural, White