Totana Table Lamp

A collection of lamps inspired by the magnificent landscapes of Totana. A place full of contrasts, shades, ceramics and wisdom. The elements that most influenced this design were fire and water.

A lamp formed by two intersecting volumes. The first volume is gestual, voluminous and conical with an upper termination that represents the mouth of an upside-down ceramic vessel. The second volume signifies all that is linear and structural, defined as a stroke. Everything together creates a warm lamp and a balance between materiality and light.

You can choose this lamp in various colors and sizes adapting to the aesthetics of your design.


Delivery between the 11, October 2021 and the 01, November 2021
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‘- Pott’s lamps represent all the elements of nature transmitting the energies of the artisans who make them delicately by hand in Spain. Each piece is unique and special due to its handmade nature, blending traditional ceramic techniques and natural materials with contemporary lighting designs.

Designer: Isaac Piñeiro

Place of the creation and origin: Spain

Size S

Height: 48 cm

Total width: 15.2 cm

Lamp diameter: 20 cm

Weight: 2.30 kg

Size M

Height: 56 cm

Total width: 25.5 cm

Lamp diameter: 35 cm

Weight: 5.30 kg

Features: 100-240 V. 50/60 Hz

Bulb: Embedded led board

Max. power: 6W / 770 Lumens

Cable length: 2m

Cable color: Black




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