The 5 Best Lisbon’s Places for Design Lovers

If you are connected to Instagram, you might have seen some attractive posts from travel influencers that are traveling to Portugal these days. Many of the visitors get drawn to the mouth-watering cuisine in the country, and others love the beautiful coastline. However, if you are a design lover, you may discover many wonderful medieval architectures and colorful tiled buildings in the city. These design-centric spaces can attract visitor’s attention with ease.

As recommended by several savvy travellers, Lisbon is the most loved destination for in Europe, especially for forward-thinking design lovers. This place is known for its rich cultural history, vibrant lifestyle and affordable prices. With the stunning aesthetics, this place can definitely seduce the crazy design buffs around the world.

Top five best Lisbon’s places for design lovers:

If you are planning a tour to Lisbon in the upcoming holiday season, it is first good to prepare a list of most popular design lover’s destinations. Below we have listed a few such places to help you finalize the locations to explore attractive architectures. After going through this information, you can plan your tour to Lisbon soon.

Santa Clara 1728:

Santa Clara 1728 is one of the most welcoming hotels for tourists in Lisbon. This tourist destination is surrounded by several beautiful palaces, monuments and a lovely park that offers breathtaking views of the river. The sense of intimacy in this building is accomplished using the sensitive interplay of exterior and interior features.

The generous window frame offers a unique ambience with Lisbon’s light. You will also find a secluded garden within the property that ensures a relaxing environment for reading. The hotel is furnished very well with a sophisticated touch that ensures complete comfort to the guests. Suite Santa Clara is expended to 70 square meters area. The large room here offers stunning views of the river. The renovation project at this premise is conducted by Manuel Aires Mateus, who give more respect to the original heritage, serenity and purity of the architecture. The design lovers may fall in love with the creative furniture selections, curtains, mirrors and lighting arrangements.

MAAT Museum:

Here comes another eye-catching structure of Lisbon that was opened in the year 2016. Maat Museum was constructed by some London-based Amanda Levete Architects. The curved white façade of this building maintains a sharp contrast with the iconic de Abril Bridge of the city. Inside this stunning building, you will find rotating designs of architecture, technology and contemporary art.

The new building of this museum is open for the visitors; they can spend time exploring the stunning pieces of art around. The designers here have restored the connection between modern technologies and historic cultures. The building looks very attractive from an architectural point of view. Every part of this museum is designed using unique materials, and the design is expected to reflect the changes in the water due to the continuous movements of the sun.

Capela Jesus Mestre:

This is a small chapel of Lisbon that is constructed within a particular house, and it entertains a particular group of people. It was designed in the middle of the house, and it serves as a central area for prayers and communication. The design also promotes higher intimacy and privacy. This is basically a rural plot that is overlooking a broad valley to the River Tagus.

The already designed complex includes a pair of uniquely designed four-story long blocks. They are sitting on a ground floor podium and are widely used in the form of warehouses. The structure is finished with the rigorous design. The appeal relies on the natural lighting, simplicity of volumes and many other inherent qualities. The attractive white finish on the walls and roof make it look amazing. Furthermore, the creatively designed furniture items are placed to lead a functional appeal on the premises.


Siendo yoga studio is balanced on three pillars: self-expression, self-care and self-education. It offers a path to ignite inner growth and awaken awareness. Margaret’s wisdom, institution and guidance will design a blueprint for a happy life. The structure is developed by Maison Chabaud, who is experienced in interior decoration. This creative home décor expert worked on the development of the studio and custom furniture.

Siendo is the most popular project of Maison Chabaud. The entire premise of this design destination is decorated with attractive furniture, paintings and mirror decors. The famous designer, Caroline Chabaud has worked on creative lighting to enhance the overall appeal. People love to visit this place to trigger the call for soul fulfilment. Here you can avail a variety of therapies from skilful professionals with tailor-made, holistic products.


Prado has something special to offer to the design lovers in Portugal. This restaurant is an integral part of block renovation in the Se De Lisboa area. This building was early used as a pulley system during the 19th century. As the factory stayed closed for more than 20 years, lots of vegetation started growing in the interiors.

After observing this condition, the owners decided to set up a farm to table restaurant on the same premises. Today, it is catering to a wide range of tourists every year. The 6m high ceiling of this restaurant is beautifully decorated with greenery. The furniture inside is made up of several expansive and attractive materials such as brass, wood, glass and marble.

Key Takeaway:

Now you have gone through details about some of the most beautiful places in Lisbon. If you are planning a tour of Portugal in the coming days, it is good to visit some of these places. You will love the way they are decorated with contemporary and modern artwork. There is plenty of handmade décor stuff that enhances the overall appeal of these design places. You can also check out the interviews and articles of some of the most popular interior designers in the area. They can guide you better towards modern architectural developments while bringing something amazing out of the traditional design ideas.


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